Thursday, June 23, 2011

Update about my Mother

After the public airing of my personal issues with my mom on CBC radio’s, White Coat Black Art, I learnt of the Ontario Consent and Capacity Board (OCCB).

I sent applications regarding my mother’s Substitute Decision Making. Since I was unfamiliar with the procedures and forms, I fumbled through an incorrect application prior to the correct forms and was able to arrange a hearing.

I went unrepresented to the OCCB’s Hearing, because I had already spent a great deal of money defending my mother’s basic human rights, and I felt the evidence I had was strong. It worked out in my favour that I did submit incorrect forms to the OCCB, because this triggered inappropriate slander and decisions by my father which illustrated the depth and consistency of his abusive behaviors.

The hearing lasted two days, and was difficult for me. It was a true David and Goliath situation. I am not a lawyer, and unaware of procedures and protocols. My fathers lawyer is recognized as being a top expert with regard to Consent and Capacity. Despite this major disadvantage, I was able to present my case, endure the cross examinations and have my problems heard by the OCCB, who had the authority to change Mom’s abusive situation.

The end result is that my father was removed as substitute decision maker and I was put in place for all personal care decisions for Mom. The decisions can be read at the OCCB case file HA 10 4596 and HA 10 4597. It was emotional to get the results. I was deeply sad that the process had taken me so much time, and my mother was now so ill. However I was deeply relieved that Mom would not become hidden to me again, and I could begin to search for some answers about what happened and is happening to her. I no longer have the stress of not being informed of my mothers well being (or passing). I sent out for medical testing as soon as I was able to for a confirmation of her diagnosis to make sure her treatment had been appropriate as well as enabling me to get the genetic tests done for the benefit of me and my daughters. Very Bittersweet.

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  1. I admire you for all your hard work. I know how difficult it was, but in the end your mom is in good hands - yours!