Friday, January 23, 2009

Textured Paintings

Jen Romnes Artist Statement

My paintings are iconic landscape images. The medium I prefer to paint with is acrylics over wood in mid to large sizes. My technical style is heavy texture with saturated colour in layers. The layering makes my paintings hard to photograph, as this misses the three dimensional quality of the colour.

She is amazed at how beautiful nature can look when it is manufactured or as it is being degraded . The paintings capture nature’s struggles in a moment of beauty.

Although my paintings do have a sometimes serious underlying theme, it was important to capture the beauty and dignity of nature. I hope that collectors will love the paintings and develop relationships with them, and hopefully create their own memories of the snapshot of the landscape at that particular moment. Some environmentalists try to shock people with these horrible images of garbage, and destruction of nature, and I did not want to do that. I think when you shock people it perpetuates the idea of hopelessness, and it is important to me to leave a window of hope, and show how resilient nature can be and it is worth saving.

People don’t respond to abstract explanations of climate change. Jennifer’s paintings capture iconic images of Canadian landscapes exhibiting the effects of humans including climate change. It is amazing how anthropomorphic and beautiful nature can be as it is adapting to the sudden changes.

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