Monday, April 13, 2009

Maximum "Wow" with your Renovation

Secrets about Commercial Art- Murals and Paint Finishes

Here is a shocking fact: commerical art can influence whether a project looks impressive with 10% or less of the total renovation cost.

Now here is the key… It has to be professional art. We have all seen the proud DIYer who uses lavish materials to renovate and then slaps on a messy finish coat of paint, and makes the whole project look like it was completed in the dark by a teenager.

Humans are tactile and visual, so it is important to note that regardless of that expensive insulation or steel beam you installed, first impressions are built on what you see and feel. Commercial art realizes the tone for the success of the whole project. Often in less than three days, Muralfx can transform a room with a striking mural, or create the appearance of expensive wall or cabinet paint treatments for a small fraction of the total renovation costs.

Attention to detail, interesting colour combinations and quality of paint finishes can make a project look luxe. Muralfx returns to the values of craft and tradition when creating commercial art. So go ahead and treat yourself to the granite and designer fixtures, but remember to pay the same attention to the paint and finishes to complete your renovation with a “wow”.

Save your Money- Be Art Smart

I am going to let you into a little secret about gallery art...

Did you know that you can support local art by buying original paintings often with less money than designer art prints?

There is a wealth of local artists producing exquisite art struggling to get it to seen and purchased. You can buy inexpensive (read “mass produced”) prints, which will be on low quality paper and will likely fade and loose its lustre. You have to pay to get a high quality print. Often the cost is similar to what you can buy locally produced art by emerging artists. Emerging artists works are less expensive because they have not yet achieved the status of big city gallery representation. It is difficult to get a big city art dealer or gallery representation for a new artist. Most galleries are booked at least a year in advance for shows, and require that you have a full portfolio of 15 or more paintings for them to choose from. You see, large galleries have to spend money to sell the art as well. They invest and promote their selected artists.

So how can you discover this hidden art treasure? Buy direct from emerging artists. Local art galleries are more receptive to emerging artists, and you can discover artists before they achieve the big city representation later in their careers. You buy original locally produced art that looks like a million dollars, and only you and the artist will know about your deal.